Fujian Xin Le Yi Group is engaged in landscape planning and sculpture art industry. The group enjoys the qualification and honors as follows:National Sculpture Enterprise Grade A, Top level in design, construction and general contracting, credit of AAA level by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the governing unit of Fujian and Suzhou Sculpture Association. Also the group is the learning base for Xiamen University Art College and Fuzhou University Xiamen Academy of Fine Arts. It serves as the metal sculpture forging industry base as well. The group is specialized in city landscape planning, design and construction of large urban landscape sculpture, lighting and stage design, design of high - end creative art gifts, art collection, sculpture art derivatives, furniture decoration and so on.

      The group is a private enterprise which was founded in 2003 with an area of 30 hectares and 100 employees.The company has assets of 100 million yuan and the annual output value is over 60 million yuan. The subsidiary companies include Xiamen Xinshu Sculpture Company,Xiamen City Light Art Engineering Company, Xiamen Le Yi Yang Culture Media Company.the group enjoys 5,000 square meters of professional sculpture production plant,Xin Le Yi sculpture industrial park,Xin Le Yi Contemporary Art Center,Xin Le Yi Sculpture Design and Research Center,Xin Le Yi 3D Scanning and 3D Printing Center etc.

     For years, Xin Le Yi has been the first choice for Chinese Artists Association Sculpture Arts Committee,National City Sculpture Steering Committee Art Committee,Chinese Sculpture Academy and Chinese Sculpture Association for sculpture forging and production. The group also builds long-term cooperation with Chinese Sculpture Academy,Central Academy of Fine Arts,Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts,China Art College,Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts,Guangzhou Art College,Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts,Xiamen University Art College,Fuzhou University Xiamen Academy of Fine Arts. It is known as t home for the home of metal sculptor.

     Our customers of landscape sculpture planning and construction, high end art gifts and furniture decoration by the group cover dozens of provinces, cities,autonomous regions,municipalities. Our products are exported to 14 countries and regions, including America, Germany, Britain, France,Swiss,Denmark,Japan,Austria,Vietnam,Hongkong,Taiwan,Singapore,Philippines,Korea.

     The Large - scale landscape engineering projects and mega city sculpture by Xin Le Yi Group has become the first-class brand both in China and overseas. For years, the Group has constructed and installed more than 200 large city sculptures in more 40 cities, numerous provinces in China and foreign countries. Our projects are regarded as city music and cultural landscapes. Our group is renowned for our top quality,service and advanced technology across the world.


      Our projects:

1.Unite in a Concerted Effort Blieijing Jiali Center, Sun Yuli

2.Round Heaven and Square Earth ,China World Hotel, Sun Yuli

3.Jump up, Jiang Yin University, Wuxi City, Sun Yuli

4.Integration, Wu Xi City, Jiangsu Province, Sun Yuli

5.The Wisdom of Red Mountain Child, Singapore, Cai Wenjia

6.《MEN OF  RESPECT》,Men of Respect, Department of Defense, Singapore, Cai Wenjia

7.Family, Singapore, Cai Wenjia

8.《The Wind&Wings》,”The Wind&Wings”,Nanyang Technological University, Yang Ziqiang

9.The Dot in Red Eyes, Singapore Museam, Yang Ziqiang

10.Colin Katsumi OkashimoFlower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,Colin Katsumi Okashimo

11.Joyful Jump,Taichung, Guo Guoxiang

12.Zhou, Haicang, Xiamen, Wu Ronghua

13.The Water in Jiangcui, Taiwan, Wu Jianfu

14.Golden City Showered in Sun and Moon, Taiwan, Wu Jianfu

15.Swirl”, Taiwan, Hu Dongmin

16.”Thriving”, Wu Rong Park, Nanan City, Jiang Zhiqiang

17.Red Flash, Xiamen Zhongjun Group, Xue Junxian.

18.Pioneer”, Ning Bo, Zhe Jiang, Wu Ronghua

19.”Departure” Nanan Road, Nanan City, Li Changxiao

20.Five Dragons Playing Pearls, Si Shui, Shandong, Wang Lusheng


Xin Le Yi Group
  ABOUT US     

Expert in landscape planning and construction 

      Xin Leyi Group is committed to integrating the world's top art resources, integrating sculpture art and landscape planning.

      We focus on improving the art production industry model, advocate the coordination of "Art. Environment and Humanities", and gradually become the first class brand within the sculpture field.

      In the continuous engineering practice and enterprise reforms, our staffs uphold the spirit of  "strive for excellence, first-class technology, and first-class service" to gain a firm foothold in China and go global.